Poster list

Nb Name Title
1 Sofia Stefani The threatened populations of Clematis alpina in Switzerland
2 Yann Fragnière Mapping habitats sensitive to overgrazing in the Swiss Northern Alps using habitat suitability modeling
3 Loraine Hablützel The effect of life-history strategies on local adaptation
4 Kristine Jecha How Reliable are Morphological Criteria for Species Identification: a case study using ants of the Lasius genus
5 Gyda Fenn-Moltu Accidental biocontrol: human-mediated dispersal of insect parasitoids and predators.
6 Vera Ogi Genomics of plant toxin resistance in entomopathogenic nematodes
7 Alessio De Nardo Context-dependent sexual selection in Drosophila prolongata
8 Baptiste Bovay Asynchronous migration of plants and butterflies: will butterflies choose new host plants from higher elevations?
9 Daniel Rodrigues Nunes A biosystematic revision of the family Cribrariaceae
10 Océane La Loggia Family matters: Early social complexity and development of social behaviour
11 Viviane Perraudin Ecological niche modeling for Ptilostemon greuteri (Asteraceae): implications for in situ conservation and future translocation.
12 Nicolas Zurbuchen Intraspecific trait variation, local adaptation, and environmental conditions as drivers of host disease risk along an elevation gradient
13 Keerthi Divakaran Maize benzoxazinoid exudation in soil follows a diurnal rhythm
14 Isabelle Toussaint How changes in life cycle and associated environment foster functional diversity: A comparative analysis of prey capture kinematic in Caudata
15 Yan Yang Do pollen nutrients constrain the diet of wild bees in urban areas?
16 Zixin Li Comparative and experimental evidence that sticklebacks cause benthic trophic cascades in Southern Greenland ponds
17 Peter Lenart Learning accelerates the evolution of slower aging, but constrains the evolution of negligible senescence
18 Orlando Schwery New Ways to Gain More Reliable Insights Into Adaptive Radiations – A Case in Anoles
19 Mai Thu Nguyen The genetic architecture of populations where females, males and hermaphrodites stably coexist
20 Angelo Guadagno Investigating cognitive flexibility using a full custom-made behavioural set-up
21 Lauréline Humair Can herbivorous insects in Switzerland provide insights into the biological control of Robinia pseudoacacia in South Africa?
22 Gerard Martínez-De León Soil community responses to climate extremes at different elevations across seasons
23 Soledad Santillán-Guayasamín Effect of larval nutritional stress on wing morphology in Culex pipiens
24 Dave Lutgen Modular regulation and convergent evolution of ASIP underpins color variation in wheatears
25 Kilian Perrelet Engineering blue-green infrastructure for and with biodiversity in cities
26 Elias Trachsel Hybridization upon secondary contact – the purple-edged copper butterflies (Lycaena hippothoe) in the Swiss Alps
27 Ehouarn Le Faou The genetics of sex allocation evolution in a herbaceous plant: a sex chromosome introgression project
28 Terezia Horvathova Vertical, horizontal or environmental? Research on symbiont acquisition calls for proper controls
29 Clara Castex Host Specialization in Bat Parasites: Host Choice Experiment and Genetic Comparison of Cimex lectularius
30 Cancelled
31 Alice Pessina Investigation of the host finding behavior of Phytobius vestitus for the biological control of the invasive weed Myriophyllum aquaticum
32 Malin Röllin Harvestmen communities of three vegetation stages in a revitalised pre-alpine riparian forest (Arachnida, Opiliones)
33 Morgane Fournier The role of life cycle variation on morphological diversity in European populations of salamanders and newts
34 Jessica Heblack Evolutionary constraints at low-latitude range edges under climate change
35 Angela Meneses Darwin wasps (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) – little (known) fellows in nature conservation
36 Gabrielle McLaughlin Effects of local and landscape factors on pollinator genetic diversity and differentiation
37 Cancelled
38 Arletys Verdecia Mogena Characterization of maize plants response to entomopathogenic nematodes
39 Cristina Llopis Belenguer Host-parasite communities along a gradient of environmental disturbances preserve their structure but differ in driving factors
40 Leslie McCluckie Comparing the use of three different anesthetics on the freshwater snail Radix balthica.
41 Chiara Durrer Biodiversity promotion areas improve diversity and richness of wild bee pollinators in nearby cherry orchards
42 Tianyun Li Contrasting plant community-mediated effects of herbivore grazing on plant diseases with different life history
43 Hannah Inniger Effects of population size on fitness traits in four common and four rare congeneric alpine plant species
44 Aaditya Narasimhan Life history trade-offs and genetic constraints at elevational range limits in Cardamine hirsuta (Brassicaceae)
45 Cancelled
46 Sonia Sarmiento Reference panel phasing for low-coverage sequencing imputation on non-model species barn owl (Tyto alba)
47 Gloria Animalesto A New Species of Haematoloechus Looss, 1899 (Digenea: Plagiorchioidea) Infecting The Lung of Crab-Eating Frog Fejervarya cancrivora from Indonesia
48 Lara Plattner Effects of artificial light at night (ALAN) on the expression of floral traits in wildflower strips
49 Anne-Claire Fabre Identifying how life cycle variation drives biodiversity in changing environments over space and time
50 Moric Toszeghi Brooding modulates the call of a glass frog with male parental care
51 Bao Ngan Tu Assessing the impact of glacier retreat on biodiversity and plant–insect interaction dynamics
52 Vasco Lepori Effects of varying niche width on eco-evolutionary dynamics and community properties
53 Darina Koubínová Resolution of phylogenetic relationships within the fern genus Botrychium s.s. (Ophioglossaceae) using target enrichment sequencing
54 Anja Haefeli Petrochromis sp. “kipili brown” a chocolate-coloured beauty from Lake Tanganyika
55 Kora Klein Why stick insects are perfect just the way they are: optimal sex ratios under facultative parthenogenesis
56 Hiranya Sudasinghe Genomic consequences of miniaturization in zebrafish relatives
57 Viktor Kovalov Fertility signalling games: should males obey the signal?
58 Julia Curty Effects of artificial light at night and the differences between day and night on insect abundance
59 Amira Sharief One or Three: Empirical data facilitates conservation of musk deer suggesting only one species of musk deer in Western Himalayas
60 Vincent Grognuz Switch off the light! Artificial light at night negatively impacts reproductive output of wild flowers in the Swiss agricultural landscape
61 Cancelled
62 Paul Himmighofen Predator sensing by plants: Consequences for tri-trophic interactions
63 Iris Prigent The moulding of intra-specific diversity by selection under ecological inheritance
64 Elizaveta Ermolaeva Functional Approach Using Soil Protists as a Taxon-free Tool for Environmental Quality Assessment
65 Graeme Wells Molecular role of a C. elegans germline-specific RNA helicase
66 Yvonne Künzi Are resistance and post-drought performance of temperate grassland species related to specific leaf area and drought length?
67 Luca Gabriel Champoud Genetics of the Calamagrostis stricta (Poaceae) species complex in Europe, with special focus on the newly described C. lonae
68 Dorothy Maushe Benzoxazinoid metabolization by entomopathogenic nematodes
69 Laura Fritschi Testing the influence of masking factors on activity patterns of cichlids
70 Tina Kiedaisch The rust fungi collection in herbarium G: from unknown to becoming a world reference

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